Neurosurgical procedures and Augmented Reality – Proof of Concept

Update: March, 2020

We have prepared the following short video demonstrating the concepts of Augmented Reality based training for Neurosurgery students and doctors.


Update:  December 12, 2019

Futurebound Corp. Medical Technology Lead, Dr Urakov, shares results of the Augmented Reality Proof Of Concept development. The following video is presenting a recording of intraoperative demonstration in brain tumor localization and practical utilization of the hologram with switching modes of view from 3D to 2D.

Demonstration of AR to a senior neurosurgeon for the first time showing his sincere excitement level for the technology.

Neurosurgical Assist will allow elimination of the expensive real-time X-Ray and CT scan real-time guidance equipment from operating room. Several examples of our early research work are presented below, provided by Dr Urakov.

1. Brain tumor resection set of images

3D holographic projection generated from MRI images of patient’s brain is superimposed during surgery to visualize relevant anatomy and tumor margins. Views can be changed from three-dimensional to standard axial and sagittal 2D slices while spatial correlation is preserved.

image AimageBMedTech

2. Holographic overlay onto a patient allows for additional visualization while localizing correct thoracic level for operation.


3. Spine surgery with localizing instruments application.  Left windows show the views obtained with mixed-reality glasses during spinal level localization in neck (upper half) and lower back (bottom half) operations. Right windows show correlations with localizing instruments (hemostats for neck and needles for back) as seen with fluoroscopy x-rays. This visualizes our idea of the phase 2 product where mixed reality system is used for guidance of precision medical instruments.